The Witches of Benevento: The Series
One Town, Five Kids, Countless Witches

The Witches of Benevento follows the adventure of five kids in a small, southern Italian town in the 1820s.
To find out what’s happening in any one book, you have to read them all.


“Not your run-of-the-mill chapter book. What we have here is a FRESH, CHARMING tale about an Italian village afflicted with witches and the brave, quarrelsome band of friends who try to make their acquaintance. A FRISKY, INGENIOUS introduction to an old world and a new series.”

—Annie Barrows, author of the Ivy and Bean series

“Blackall’s delicate, lovely artwork is BEWITCHING and Marciano’s text is, as the title implies, LOADED WITH MOLTO MISCHIEF. I can’t wait to read what the Janara have in store for the Benevento kids next.”

—Lane Smith, author of Return to Augie Hobble

There is a mystery in Benevento–a mystery of witches and spirits and magic. Will you go back in time to this charming town and solve the mystery? And if you do, will you tell me what the solution is? Really! Please tell me! But watch out for the spirits. They are mischievous indeed…
The Witches of Benevento is a CHARMING, INTELLIGENT tale, illustrated BEAUTIFULLY AND EVOCATIVELY.

—Adam Gidwitz, author of the Grimm books.